What is is like to work with Salamander Studios?

A Luxury Experience unlike Any other

Create Custom Fine art Heirlooms

Every horse has a story and I want to help convey that tale through art. I help every client write a chapter of that real life experience and turn it into something tangible that will be cherished for a lifetime. Each museum quality piece is unique and handmade. What we are creating together is a piece of art that will become a timeless installation for your home!

Step one


Once you have booked your session we will then schedule a planning call. These can be over the phone, via zoom, or even in person if distance allows. These planning calls are where we will go over every detail of your session. We will discuss everything from, wardrobe, hair, makeup, down to shoes and what tack we will using. We can also discuss any specific images you are hoping to capture and talk about where you may be interested in hanging wall art in your home. This way on the day of your session there is nothing to worry about other than showing up and having a blast creating memories with your best friend.

Step Two


This is the fun part. I will arrive 1-2 hours before sunset and will we capture the love and bond you have with your amazing partner. I will help guide you to authentically express the amazing story you have with your horse.

Step Three


Approximately 3-4 weeks after your session we will meet via video conference to review your portraits and design your museum quality custom wall art or album.